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Action Games
Play HerculympicsTake Hercules on an epic voyage through five trials of Ancient Greece from throwing the Minotaur to jumping the Trojan Horse.
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Shooting Games
Destroy All Humans
Play Destroy All HumansCapture 20 humans as quickly as possible.
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Skill Games
Ant Burner
Play Ant BurnerHold the magifying glass over the ants to burn them
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Sports Games
Long Jump Lite
Play Long Jump LiteRecord the longest of 6 jumps.
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Puzzle Games
Topsy Turvy
Play Topsy TurvyBust as many balls as possible by clicking groups of 3 or more balls that are the same color.
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Flying Games
Air Heads
Play Air HeadsKeep the balloon in the air for as long as possible.
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Classic Games
Play FroggerGet the frog across the street and stream without it getting run over or falling into the water. Move each of the five frogs into a spot at the end.
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Casino Games
Play BackgammonClassic Backgammon
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Racing Games
Miniclip Rally
Play Miniclip RallyRace through the checkpoints and try to get a best time!
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Side Scrolling Games
Cave Run
Play Cave RunGuide your snake through a cave and avoid the rocks.
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Memory Games
Play BingoBingo!
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No games yet.
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