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Action Games
Angry Old Wizard
Play Angry Old WizardThe Ring Wraiths want to harass you.
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Shooting Games
Space Invaders
Play Space InvadersDefeat the Invaders from space.
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Skill Games
Barb Jump
Play Barb JumpPick your character and play jumprope (over barbed wire)
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Sports Games
Big Uglies
Play Big UgliesHow many touchdowns can you score?
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Puzzle Games
Break It
Play Break ItBreak all of the blocks with the ball.
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Flying Games
Alien Commander
Play Alien CommanderDestroy wave after wave of alien fighters, drones, bombers and buzzers in this classic arcade game.
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Classic Games
Caray Snake
Play Caray SnakeCaray Snake is a variation on the classic arcade game Snake where your tail gets longer with each object eaten, and you must avoid running into your tail. What makes this game different is you move the snake only one square at a time.
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Casino Games
Birds Of A Feather Slots
Play Birds Of A Feather SlotsMultiline Slot
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Racing Games
Miniclip Rally
Play Miniclip RallyRace through the checkpoints and try to get a best time!
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Side Scrolling Games
Play AbadiaGet through the level without dying.
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Memory Games
Play 12manyCount the stars before they go away, and quickly enter the number you counted!
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