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Action Games
Play AstriexNone.
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Shooting Games
Paintballing - Assault
Play Paintballing - AssaultA paintballing game
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Skill Games
Cat Vacuum
Play Cat VacuumBounce as many cats into the vacuum as you can
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Sports Games
Long Jump Lite
Play Long Jump LiteRecord the longest of 6 jumps.
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Puzzle Games
5 In A Row
Play 5 In A RowMatch tiles in sets of five.
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Flying Games
30k Starfighter
Play 30k StarfighterDestroy enemies while collecting bonuses and power-ups.
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Classic Games
Bubble Bobble
Play Bubble BobbleA replica of the classic arcade game!
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Casino Games
Play BaccaratBaccarat. Just like at the Casino.
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Racing Games
Badger Racing
Play Badger RacingBet on racing Badgers
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Side Scrolling Games
Play AbadiaGet through the level without dying.
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Memory Games
Play BingoBingo!
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No games yet.
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