Play Monkey Cliff Diving Game of the Day

Help the monkeys dive safely into the water.
Play Monkey Cliff Diving
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Action Games
Beat The Meter
Play Beat The MeterGuide Stelios around the forecourt and fill up the cars
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Shooting Games
Beat The Bugs!
Play Beat The Bugs!Kill as many bugs as you can to get the highest score! Good Luck Solider.
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Skill Games
ABC Crazy
Play ABC CrazyAs the letters show up push that letter on your keyboard, try to get combos for the top score.
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Sports Games
100m Running
Play 100m RunningRun 100 meters in the fastest speed possible.
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Puzzle Games
Play CrashdownClick on 3+ Blocks of the same color to remove them from the board. Dont let the blocks pile up to the top.
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Flying Games
ROFL Attack
Play ROFL AttackFly your trusty ROFLcopter and battle hordes of LOLLERskaters and LMAOplanes.
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Classic Games
Falling Sand Game
Play Falling Sand GamePlay with the falling stand and design and structure things.
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Casino Games
Birds Of A Feather Slots
Play Birds Of A Feather SlotsMultiline Slot
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Racing Games
Miniclip Rally
Play Miniclip RallyRace through the checkpoints and try to get a best time!
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Side Scrolling Games
Play AbadiaGet through the level without dying.
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Memory Games
Play 12manyCount the stars before they go away, and quickly enter the number you counted!
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No games yet.
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