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Match tiles in sets of five.
Play 5 In A Row
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Action Games
Metal Arm FAWEGE
Play Metal Arm FAWEGEUse your mechanical fighter to smash up the robot opponent, uppercut, jab, block and power attack.
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Shooting Games
Clay Kitten Shooting II
Play Clay Kitten Shooting IIA nice shiny gun. Some lovely little kittens. All you have to do is use the former to ruin the latter.
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Skill Games
Bubble Trouble
Play Bubble TroubleAre you up the challenge to clear all the bubbles?
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Sports Games
Big Uglies
Play Big UgliesHow many touchdowns can you score?
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Puzzle Games
Cubic Rubic
Play Cubic RubicUnscramble the cube. Electronic version of the popular Rubik's Cube. Solve the puzzle to submit your score.
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Flying Games
Lunar Command
Play Lunar CommandSave the lunar population by protecting the moon base from a vicious alien attack.
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Classic Games
Play TetrisArrange the shapes to make a square. When the bottom row has blocks spanning across it, it and any rows above it with the same status will be removed. Don't let the pieces hit the top!
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Casino Games
3 Card Poker
Play 3 Card Pokerjust like @ the casino!
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Racing Games
ATV Winter Challenge
Play ATV Winter ChallengeTry to finish levels without damaging your ATV
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Side Scrolling Games
Cave Run
Play Cave RunGuide your snake through a cave and avoid the rocks.
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Memory Games
Play SimonClick the lights in the order that Simon does.
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